Conference on assing the performance of socio-economic development in the first 9 months and set up tasks for the last 3 months 2017
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On 27 September 2017, Dak Nong Provincial People’s Committee held a confrence to asses the performance of socio-economic development in the last 9 months and set up tasks for the next 3 months of 2017. Provincial Party Committee Deputy Secretary, Chairman of Provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Bon was in charge.

Overview of the conference

As reported, in the first 9 months of this year, the result of realizing socio-economic development targets was comparatively high. Macro economy was kept stable, inflation was curbed. Of the 16 development targets, 8 were attained to satifactory extent, showing high probability of being reached or surpassed at the end of the year; 3 were attained to an average extent, likely to be reached or nearly reached; 1 was attained at a lower average extent; and the rest were supposed to be assesed at the year-end.

The GRDP of 9 months was estimated at VND9,940 billion, accounting for 57% of the plan; with the growth rate of GRDP at 8.8%, up 2.4% against same period last year. Of which, agriculture, forestry and fishery production increased by 5.02%; industry and construction by 22.27%; services by 6.5%.

As for agriculture sector, the whole province cultivated over 89,000 ha with total output of 277,920 tonnes. Industry output continued increasing sharply, with contribution coming mainly from production of Alumin and hydroelectricity.

State budget collected of  9 months was estimated at VND1,402 billion, accounting for 93% of estimate assigned by the Central Government, 85%  assigned by the Provincial People's Council, up 31% against same period last year. Other cultural and social spheres also achieved positive results with public security and national defence kept stablized.   

A part from such achievements, socio-economic situation during the last 9 months still saw a lot of difficulties and limitations that need to be kept track of and applied drastic administration to by levels of agencies and localities in the coming months of the year.

For example, outbreak of flu in poultry had high potential of occurrence; price of a number of key agricultural produces were not stable; deforestation continued with complicated development; the progress of State business rearrangement and innovation was slow; the effect of management on population and land resource was not sufficiently high.  

Concluding the conference, Mr Nguyen Bon highly praised on the endeavour by levels, agencies and the people for  the fulfilment and surpassing of a number of general targets. He required that in the last months of the year, the whole province give a high level of focus to the implementation of measures to fulfill the tasks of the whole year. Also, the levels and agencies need to give great care to disentangling  people and businesses' difficulties in attaining access to sources of funds; remedy the weakness in forest management and protection. At the same times, on the basis of sticking to the Resolutions issued  by the Provincial Party Committee and the performance of 2017, each agency and unit sets up the scientific and realizable plan for socio-economic development and public security – national defense in 2018.



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