Openning the 5th meeting session of the Provincial People’s Council – Course III, tenure 2016 - 2021
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On 12 December 2017, at the Conference centre of the province, the Provincial People’s Council of Dak Nong province formally opened its 5th meeting session of Course III, tenere 2016 -2021.

The overview of the meeting

In attendance of the meeting, there were: Mr Dieu K'Re – Member of the Central committee of the Communist Party Member , Deputy Head of the Central highlands Steering Committee; Mr Le Dien Member of the Central committee of the Communist Party Member, Secretary of the Provincial Communist Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Council, along with the leaders of the Provincial People's Committee, agencies, departments and  the People's Council Standing committee member of districts and Gia Nghia town.

Chairman of the Provincial People's Council  Le Dien delivers opening speech of the meeting

Making statement at the opening ceremony, Mr Le Dien highlighted the importance of the meeting. Accordingly, the meeting had a huge volume of work pertaining to many important issues that the Council would have to look into and make decision on.

Firstly, the Council go through and assess the Provinical Pepople's Committee's report on the performance of socio-economic development, national defense and the outcome of carrying out tasks pertaining to State budget, the  plan of development  investment of 2017, setting up the strategic plan of 2018 and the 5-year period 2016 – 2020.

Secondly, it looks into the report on the performance of the People's tribuna, People's procuracy, Department of Civil Judgment execution; report of the Provincial People's Committee on preventing and fighting criminals and violation of laws; performance of judgment execution and preventing, fighting corruption in 2017 and a number of other issues.

Thirdly, it looks  into and ratify 23 statements and draft resolutions proposed by the Provincial People's Council Standing committee and the Provincial People's Committee. Those statements and draft resolutions  brought up during this meeting are of sighnificantly important issues pertaining to the socio-economic development  and national defense strategies of the province in the coming time, which has been  drawing much concern of the local people.  

Last, the Provincial People's Council questions the Heads of agencies and departments about the issues of people's and voters' concern; listens to the Provincial People's Council supervision report on the implementation of administrative innovation tasks, land and population management task and pass through resolutions on many more important issues under its competence   

MR Tran Xuan Hai – Member of Provincial Communist Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee

After the opening speech of Mr Le Dien, Mr Tran Xuan Hai - Member of Provincial Communist Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee delivered report on the province's  performance of socio-economic development, public security and national defense in 2017 and the strategic plan for 2018.

As reported, the result of realizing the 2017 stratergic plan was satisfactory with 14 out of 16 targets groups have been fulfilled or surpassed  compared to the plan, accounting for 87.5%,  the highest result having ever gained so far by the province. Of which, the growth rate of GRDP reached 9.47% against 7.5% set by the plan.

Regarding economic structure, the agriculture sector took up 49.2% (49.5% as set by plan); industry and construction 15.1% (14.6% as set by the plan); service 30/2% (30.5% as set by the plan); tax 5.5% (5.4% as set by the plan). GRDP per capita was VND41.26 million (VND39 million as set by the plan). Total social investment was 13,280 billion (VND13,000 billion by the plan). Collected State budget  reached VND1,850 billion (1,650 by the plan). Rate of asphalted road was 59 % (58% by plan). Water was provided to 74% of the cultivated area. 87% of rural households and 94% of urban households had access to hygienic water, accounting for 100% of the plan. 97% of households had access to electricity. The proportion of hamlets and villages had access to national electricity grid is 99%, accounting for 100% of the plan. Average population was estimated at 627 thousand people (643 thousand by the plan) with population growth rate being 1.1%. 18 thousand more laborers were given jobs, accounting for 100% of the plan. 4,385 people were given vocational training (3,800 people by the plan).

Poverty rate declined by 2.61% (2% by the plan), of whic , indigenous ethnic minority  household was down by 7.88% (5% by the plan). In this year, 5 more communes had come to fufil  the new rural standards (the acculmulated number of 10 communes in the whole province) with each commune fufilling 11.7 criteria, accounting for 100% of the plan.

There were 2 out of  16 targets set up by the plan having not been reached. One of those is  the health insurance coverage being at 83%  against 85% set by the plan; however, the rate of communes meeting national standard about health care was 50.7%, surpassing the plan of 38%. Other target not being fulfilled was forest coverage, being  only 39.34% against the set target of 40.5%. However, the area of forest being regrown reached  2.146 hectares, accounting for 92% of the plan set up by the Agriculture and Rural development Ministry, 215% of the plan set by the Provincial People's Council;  the protective forest area being regrown reached 745 hectares, accounting for 57% of the plan.

As of the stratergic plan of 2018, many core targets have been set as followings: economic growth rate is up 7.15%, of which, agriculture sector value is  up 5.97%, industry – construction up 9.4%, service up 7.46%; tax up 7.55%;  Economic structure is changed, of which agriculture accounts for  47.83%, industry and construction 16.94%; service 32.34%, tax 2.9%;  GRDP per capita (calculated by the new coefficient)  is VND38.63 million over the estimated population of 635 thousand people , equalling  VND44.85 million as calculated by the old coefficient.

According to the agenda, during the date of 12th and morning of 13th December, the Council  goes through the reports and draft resolutions.  The afternoon of 13th December, the delegates are divided into groups to discuss related issues. The 14th it carries out the discussions and questioning session at the conference hall. The 15th it passes through the resolutions, then closes the meeting.

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