Dak Nong to strive for realizing the set targets in the last month of 2017.
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On 5th December 2017, the Provinicial People’s Committee of Dak Nong hold an webinar with districts to asses the performance of socio-economic development in November 2017 and set up tasks for December.

At the webinar site of the Provincial People's Committee, Mr Nguyen Bon – Deputy Secretary of Provincial Communist Party Committee, Chairman of Provincial People's Committee was in charge and the Heads of Gia Nghia town, agencies and departments were in attendance.

Mr Nguyen Bon – Deputy Secretary of Provincial Communist Party Committee, Chairman of Provincial People's Committee makes statement at the webinar

As assessed, in November alone and during the 11 months of 2017, the socio-economic situation of the province was well-developed. Accordingly, the index of industry production (IIP) in November increased by 101.3% compared against last year's same period. Total cultivated area of Autumn-Winterperiod was 28.500 hectares, accounting for 98% of the Plan. Disbursed investment capital for development of the province reached VND999 billion, accounting for 73% of the Plan. Total collected budget was nearly VND1,770 billion, accounting for 107% of the estimate.

Head of Gia Nghia Town Pepple's Committee stated difficulities and obstacles in carrying out site clearance and settling down compensation for site clearance of the locality.

In  November alone, the fields of culture, education and training, public health were all given great attention to; the national defense and public security were ensured.

Head of Health Department states the reasons for the Province low coverage rate of Health Insurance

At the webinar, agencies and localities focused on discussing a number of issues such as the National target pprogram on new rural development, Health insurance, management and protection of forest, and the reorganization and merging of State-run agencies.

Head of Agriculture and rural development Department reports on the result of implementing the National target program on New rural development in 2017.


Head of Science and Techonology Department exchanges information on the result of applying the quality management system in compliance with the TCVN ISO 9001 standard at agencies, localities.

Upon summing up the webinar, Mr Nguyen Bon required that in December, every district and agenies of the province be determined to do their best to fulfil or surpass the remaining targets. Especially, he requiried that agencies and localities focus on  the tasks that have the greatest impact on the socio-economic development of the province, ensuring the province's sustainable development such as: forest management and protection, land management, population management, and strictly deal with infringement pertaining to such fields.

Beside, the Health Department and its subsidiary units cooperate with localities to intensify the propaganda, increasing the people's consciousness and responsibility for using health insurance. Functional agencies well carry out measures for stabilizing the market, intensify State's management on preventing commercial fraud, fakes, meeting people's demand for purchasing in the year- end period.

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