Conference to sum up the performance of social-economic development, public security and national defense in 2016 of Dak Nong province
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Co-chairing the conference, there were: Mr. Nguyen Bon, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Communist Party Committee, Chairman of Provincial People's Committee; Cao Huy, Member of Provincial Communist Party Committee, the Provincial People' s Committee Vice Chairman.

According to the evaluation at the conference, in 2016, under the management and direction of the Provincial Communist Party Committee and the Provincial People's Committee, Dak Nong province had satisfactorily realized most of the targets set up at year-start.

Specificially, the growth rate of GRDP was 7.08%; Industrial production index increase 9.2%. There were  4 more communes meeting the standards of new rural commune, making the total number of communes meeting the standards of 5.