Provincial People’s Committee held periodical webinar in August: socio-economic development remained good growth momentum
Ngày đăng 30/08/2017 | 09:16  | View count: 210

Dak Nong provincial People’s Committee held a webinar on 30 August, 2017 with districts’ authorities to asses socio-economic, national defence and security performance in August and set up tasks for September 2017.

At the webinar site of the Provincial People's Committee, Mr Nguyen Bon – Provincial Party Committee Deputy Secretary, Provincial People's Committee Chairman was in charge; Heads of departments and agencies along with leaders of Krong No districts and Gia Nghia town were in attendance.

Representative of Krong No district addresses difficulties in forest management and protection.

As reported, the socio-economic development situation of the province in August remained stable, with many targets securing good growth pace. Specifically, the index of industrial production in August was up 5.27%, adding to a rise of  158%  in accumulated 8-month figure, year on year. Total revenue of retail sale in the month was over VND1,000 billion, up 7.7% over same period of 2016. Collected State budget reached VND114 billion, adding to the accumulated 8-month figure of VND1.170 billion, accounting for 71% of the year's estimate.

As for agricultural sector, the production situation of people had been comparatively favorable. To date, cultivated area for Summer – Autumn period had reached 67,000 ha, accounting for 91% of the target. Social welfare and public security were ensured. Public health care and medical care were upheld. Preparation for the new school year of 2018 - 2019 in terms of infrastructure and apparatus was given great care by levels of authorities and agencies, with a view to securing the schedule and giving students all set and favorable condition for their start of a new school year.

Leader of Education and Training Department reports on its preparation of facilities for new school year.

Regardless of such aforementioned outcome, in August, the disbursement of investment capital was slow and the deforestation situation continued with complicated developments. From year-start through the webinar time, a total of 33 cases of deforestration was discovered in the province, with the lost area up to 224 ha of forest. The outcome of implementing the National targeted program on New Rural development was yet to be in line with expectation. 

Representative of Finance Department states his opinion on the budget source alloted to infrastructure construction and apparatus purchase of education and training sector.

At this webinar, leaders of Departments, agencies and localities put their focus on analysis and discussion to work out solutions for socio-economic development in September and the left months of 2017. 

Accordingly, in September, the whole province was to continue putting focus on realizing major tasks such as: boost up the implementation of  measures for collecting and spending the budget; practise economy, prevent dissipation of basic construction investment, intenfify management on public investment; speed up the implementation and disbursement of investment project, especially national targeted capital for New rural development. Level of authorities, agencies and localities were to attach importance to the prevention, fighting and timely coping with complicated and changable development of the weather in rainy and flooding period; intensify inspection and control on the market, in which, particularly attaching importance to inspection and dealing with infringement in production and business of  fertilizer and other agricultural materials.

Mr Nguyen Bon - Provinical Party Committee Deputy Secretary, Provinical People's Committee Chairman makes statement at the webinar.

Upon summing up the webinar, Mr Nguyen Bon underlined that in September, levels of authorities and agencies of the province must gather effort to overcome difficulties and limitation, well delivering the set quota on socio-economic development. To start with, the localities had to succesfully organize the opening ceremony of the new school year,  and guarantee public as well as politic security in the impending National Day on 2 September. Regarding economic tasks, the units need to boost up the program on New rural development, striving for  securing the result that in the end of 2017, at least 5 communes basically fulfil the 19 criteria for a New rural commune. About the management and protection of forest, departments, agencies and localities need to deploy more drastic measures and be determined to strictly deal with organization and individuals involved in deforestation cases. Speaking about poverty reduction task, the Chairman required the units intensify the rescaning, summarization of the relevant information and figure in order to ensure the accuracy, equality and transparency in recognizing poor households.

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