An Introduction about Dak Nong province

Dak Nong lies in the southwest of the Central Highlands region, at the end of the Truong Son mountain chain; Dak Nong is specified in around geographic coordinate: 11045' to 12050' north latitude, 107013' to 108010' east longitude. It borders Dak Lak province in the north and the northeast, the east and the southeast border Lam Dong province. the west and the southwest border Binh Phuoc province, the west borders Cambodia kingdom. Dak Nong is a province that is located in development triangle zone of Vietnam - Laos - Cambodia.  

The province's natural area is 6.514,38 km2. It has 08 administrative units of district and town with 510.570 people, and there are 33 ethnic groups living there. The provincial capital is Gia Nghia.  

Being located in the southwest gateway of Central Highlands, Dak Nong has National Road No.14 connecting Ho Chi Minh city and the southeast provinces to the Central Highlands provinces. The provincial capital is about 230 km from Ho Chi Minh City to the north and about 120 km from Ban Me Thuot city (Dak Lak province) to the southwest; it has National Road No.​ 28 connecting Dak Nong to Lam Dong province, Binh Thuan province and coastal provinces in the central region, it is about 120km from Da Lat city (Lam Dong province) and 160km from Phan Thiet city (Binh Thuan province) to the east. Dak Nong has 130 km border road with the neighbor Cambodia, it has 02 border gates Bu Prang and Dak Peur connecting to Mondulkiri, Kratie, Kandal, Pnom Penh, Siem Reap, and so on. 

In the future, when the roads are deployed, the railway routes such as Dak Nong - Chon Thanh - Di An to Thi Vai port and Dak Nong - Tan Rai to Ke Ga port will open up a big opportunity to speed up exploiting strong points of the province. 

As the geographic position above, it will create favorable condition for Dak Nong to be able to expand cooperation with the provinces in the Central Highlands and southern key ec​onomic zones; coastal provinces in the central region and the neighbor Cambodia, and it will be a motivation for Dak Nong to speed up socio-economic development. In the future, Dak Nong will be able to become a dynamic economy development center of Central Highlands.

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