2016 PAPI index of Daknong province stands first in the Highlands Center Area
Ngày đăng 05/05/2017 | 08:11  | View count: 561

According to the report of 2016 PAPI (the Vietnam provincial governance and public administration performance index that is developed and announced by the joint collaboration between the Centre for Community Support Development Studies (CECODES) under the Viet Nam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA), and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Viet Nam, in partnership with Centre for Research and Training of the Viet Nam Fatherland Front), Daknong province scored 35.89 point, grading at the 31st place over 63 provinces and municipalities in Vietnam, which reflects an increase of 2.41 points and and 24 grades over  2015, placing the province itself in the group of high average score and being at the top grade of the Central Highlands area. 

The report of PAPI in 2016 was based on the experience of 14,063 citizens randomly selected  to represent  the diversed group of households from all province and municipalities of the country. The survey was conducted with the utilization of 22 componential content dimension, over 90 main criteria, over 500 questions and 6 content dimensions.

Specificially, the score of the  6 content dimensions of Daknong province was at follows: 

Dimension of Participation of citizens at local level was 5.43 over 10 –point scale;

Dimension of Transparency was  5.61 over 10 –point scale;

Dimension of Vertical Accountability was  5.21 over 10 –point scale;

Dimension of Control of corruption in the Public sector was 5.94 over 10 –point scale;

Dimension of Public administrative procedures  was 6.78 over 10 –point scale;

Dimension of Public service delivery was 6.93 over 10 –point scale;

The result of 2016 PAPI shows that among the 6 dimensions measured, the province had 5 dimensions showing increase in score; 1 dimension was equal to that in 2015 and  4 dimensions  were in the group of high score.