Conference to sum up the performance of social-economic development, public security and national defense in 2016 of Dak Nong province
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On January 1st 2017, the Provincial People’s Committee of Dak Nong province held a conference to sum up the performance of social-economic development, public security and national defense in 2016, set up direction and tasks for 2017 and discuss some other important contents.

Co-chairing the conference, there were: Mr. Nguyen Bon, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Communist Party Committee, Chairman of Provincial People's Committee; Cao Huy, Member of Provincial Communist Party Committee,  the Provincial People' s Committee Vice Chairman.

The overview of the conference



According to the evaluation at the conference, in 2016, under the management and direction of the Provincial Communist Party Committee and the Provincial People's Committee, Dak Nong province had satisfactorily realized most of the targets set up at year-start.

Specificially, the growth rate of GRDP was 7.08%; Industrial production index increase 9.2%. There were  4 more communes meeting the standards of new rural commune, making the total number of communes meeting the standards of 5.   

Retail sale and service turnover reached VND12,000 billion; Export turnover  reached $620 million. Total investment of the whole society was VND10,700 billion. Credit growth increased 20%. Total budget revenue was VND1.725 billion, exceeding 7% over the estimate asigned by the Provincial People's Council and 18% over the esimate assigned by the Central Government.

The areas of culture, health care, public wellfare, internal affairs, foreign relationship, public security and national defense continue to be given a lot of care, boosted up and reaped positive results.

Basing on the achieved results and the given tasks, the Provincial People's Committee disseminated the major tasks and measures in 2017 to all levels, agencies. Accordingly, beside efectively realizing the targets in 2017 assigned by the Provincial People's Council, the Provincial People's Committee also set up 11 groups of measures with 134 detailed actions to exclusively assign to each department, unit and locality. 

Accordingly, the Provincial would give direction to speed up the implementation of Resolution of the 12th Communist Party Congress, Resolution of the 11th Provincial Communist Party Committee Congress; Resolution on socio-economic development during period 2015 – 2020; disseminate, effectively implement the Central government's policies on the direction and management of socio-economic development, contributing to the country's efforts to stabilize and develop macroscopic economy quicly and sustainably; increase the effect of State management, improve production and business environment, creating favourable condition for enterprises to invest and making profit, encourage starting business; continue to develop commercial market and services, boost up production and business of all fields; striving for realizing the plan of producing major industrial and agricultural products;

Focus on giving direction to get the economic growth rate of over 7.5%, ensuring the well-being and public welfare, boost up poverty reduction; renovate education and training; intensify health care for the people; speed up the field of information and communication; efectively manage the resources, protect the environment, especially the forest; actively deal with adverse progress of climate and guarantee national defense, public security, order and the safety of the whole society; boost up cooperations and foreign relationships…


Mr. Nguyen Bon Provincial Communist Party Committee Deputy Secretary, Provincial People's Committee Chairman gave direction at the conference.

Making statement at the conference, Mr. Nguyen Bon highly appreciated the sense of responsibility and efforts of units, departments, agencies, localities and the whole people in delivering the goals and tasks of 2016. In 2017, the Provincial People's Chairman required that units, localities closely follow the tasks and 11 major groups of measures agreed on at the conferent to implement. It is forecast that the situation for socio-economic development in 2017 would go through some certain difficulties, so all levels, agencies need to raise the sense of initiative right from the year start in order to get greater chance to satisfactorily realize the set up goals and tasks.

Regarding the preparation for the Tet (Lunar new year holiday) of 2017, he required that levels and agencies check up the situation and timely support people who have poor living condition; control the supplies and quality of commodities, the traffic and, commute of the people before, during and after Tet, to ensure people's demand for consumming and coming home  to join Tet with their families; the Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs check up to know which enterprise having yet to pay the labourers,then  implement forms of supporting, rewarding and encouraging the cadres, labourers  and timely report to the Provincial People's Committee in order to ensure that all cadres, labourers and the peole are able to warmly, happly and economically celebrate the Tet in accordance with the direction of the Government.

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