Dak Nong: The plant of Alumina in Nhan Co successfully produced the first ton of alumina
Ngày đăng 26/12/2016 | 22:50  | View count: 225

Over 1 month (from November 11th , 2016) after successfully producing the first ton of hydrate, last December 16th, 2016, the Alumina plant in Nhan Co (Dak R’lap district) had made the first Alumina product.

The workers in the plant pressed the button to make alumina come out from the hydrate burning place.


The Project of Alumina plant in Nhan Co with  the output capacity of 650,000 tons per year, and the capital totaling VND17,000 billion, invested by Coal and Mineral group of Vietnam started to be constructed from February of 2010 and the time to count the construction progress was from October of 2010. The Alumina plant produces two main products including Hydrate and Alumina, and on average, 1.7 tons of Hydrate could be turned (burn out) into 1 ton of alumina.


The Alumina was pack up into big sacks.


So, after nearly 6 years of construction, now, Dak Nong province had had the alumina to serve export and would proceed to producing aluminium. In the coming time, alumina plant of Nhan Co would play an important part in the socio-economic development of the province.

According to baodaknong.org.vn