Dak Nong invests VND19.5 billion into the infrastructure and technology establishment for high-tech agriculture zone
Ngày đăng 27/10/2016 | 23:00  | View count: 226

Up to date, after nearly 3 years of implementing the Project on high-tech agriculture zone of the province, except for site clearance, almost all of the essential infrastructure works of the province have yet to be implemented. This has had adverse effect on the attraction of investors as well as the implementation of registered investment projects.

For this reason, on July 14, 2016, the Provincial People's Committee issued Decision No 2011/QD-UBND to ratify the investment project on building the essential infrastructure and technology of high-tech agriculture zone. The project is of group C and the work of level III with the total investment of 19.5 billion and capital distributed from local budget.

The investment scale of the project consists of: traffic system, including 1 main axis of 673.4 metres long, asphal concrete road with the speed designed at 15 kilometres per hour; water supplying system, water reservoir of 5,000 square metres in area, 12,000 cubic metres in capacity. The time for implementation of the project is from 2016 to 2020.

The Project on essential infratructure and technology of the high-tech agriculture zone is invested with a view to exploiting  and effectively using the sources, building high-tech agriculture in the trend of modernization, in association with producing goods of huge amount, having high productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness, in compliance with socio-economic development orientation of  the province in the new condition.

According to http://www. baodaknong.org.vn