The conference summing up performance the Association of Vietnam – Cambodia friendship in 2016.
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On 28 December, 2016, the Sssociation of Vietnam – Cambodia friendship held a conference to sum up the performance in 2016 and set up tasks for 2017. Mr Le Kim Huy, Member of standing board of Provincial Communist Party Committee, Head of Public relation board of Provincial Communist Party Committee attended the conference.

Mr Le Kim Huy, Member of standing board of Provincial Communist Party Committee, Head of Public relation board of Provincial Communist Party Committee required that the associations of all level need to care,intensify and attach special importance to foreign relations.

According to the report, in 2016, the Sssociation of Vietnam – Cambodia friendship of Dak Nong province had effectively carried out the previously set up tasks, significantly contributing to developing the friendship, cooperation, boosting up exchanging activities in the fields of culture, economy, science, technology, maintaining the public safety and national defense, especially in the border areas.  

The Association had organized 87 propaganda meetings in term of foreign relations to popularize the knowledge relating to the borders, mailand which attracted the attendance of thousands of people. The foreign relations and friendship activities between the two countries were intensified. Besides, the Association had always attached importance to caring and ensuring public and social welfare for Vietnamese living in Mondulkiri province of Cambodia.

By means of holding seminars and meetings, the association had worked with relevant entities to support the neighbor province of Mondulkiri in terms of materials and daily commodities, at the same time, propagandize information on foreign relation and introduce the images of the land and people of Vietnam.

In the coming time, all levels of the Association continues working toghether to intensify the propaganda in term of foreign relations, educate the association's members and the people about the traditional friendship and unity between the two  provinces as well as two countries; well twinning and striking up friendship between the armed forces and the people on both sides of the border; holding exchanging activities, visiting and supporting each other. The association will also continue to keep a close watch on the progress in the border area, mobilize the people to save the landmark, border line as well as intensify foreign relation, cooperation and friendship activities…

Making statement at the conference, Mr Le Kim Huy highly appreciated and acknowledged the efforts and endeavour of the Association in the last time, which had contributed to boosting up and closely tightening the relationship and unity between the two countries and their people. He insisted that, in 2017, Cambodia would carry out the election of all levels. So, the association needs to care, attach importance to and intensify the foreign relation activities, continue to deliver creatively and effectively the terms that had been signed between the leaders of two countries.   


Giving credit to people having excellent performance in 2016.


On this occasion, the association of Vietnam – Cambodia gave credit to people and units having excellenty delivered the tasks of the association in 2016.

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