The market of Mong ethnic people in Dak R'mang commune

Ngày đăng 14/06/2018 | 14:49 PM  | View count: 54
At present, in Dak R'mang commune, Dak Glong district, there are over 600 households of Mong people (a minority ethnic group of Viet Nam) residing. During their migration into Dak Nong, Mong people...

Com Lam – a popular food item of Ma people

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In the old days, Vietnamese ethnic minority people in general and Ma people (an ethnic group in Vietnam) in particular had the practice of shifting cultivation and living in the milpa. That's why...

The viands of M’nong minoriy – Thut soup

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Thut is the name for a kind of traditional soup of M’nong ethnic group’s people (M’nong people) which is made from materials available in the nature. According to Mnong people, Thut soup can be...

The beauty of traditional culture: Trong Cai of M’nong ethnic minority

Ngày đăng 10/03/2017 | 11:16 PM  | View count: 7217
Choes (big-bellied jar), gongs, and drums… are familiar objects of M’nong people, of which, Trong Cai (a large drum) is considered as a sacred object that bring peace and health for its owner.

Ma ethnic group to preserve the traditional values

Ngày đăng 18/01/2018 | 02:35 PM  | View count: 245
Besides putting a lot of efforts into economic development, Ma people (an indigenous ethnic minority group in Dak Nong) in Dak Nia commune, Gia Nghia town are very conscious of and pay a lot of...

The Sah in the life of M'nong people

Ngày đăng 18/10/2017 | 08:49 AM  | View count: 400
For the people of ethnic group of Mnong (Mnong people), apart from tools like Gong, Che, Calabash for keeping water, cooked rice or Nia for sieving seeds and corns, Gui ( Sah in M’nong language) as...

Central Highlands preserves cultural heritages

Ngày đăng 17/07/2013 | 10:46 AM  | View count: 309
In recent years, provinces in the Central Highlands have implemented numerous effective measures to preserve and promote their intangible cultural heritages,...

The project named “Preserving and promoting festivals, patterns, gongs and musical instruments of local ethnic”: contribute to enrich spiritual life of ethnic groups.

Ngày đăng 15/12/2014 | 10:42 AM  | View count: 335
According to Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism, it is more than 4 years of implementation of Resolution No. 02/NQ-HDND of Provincial Council on deploying the project named “Preserving and...