The Wedding custom of M’nong people

Ngày đăng 06/06/2017 | 14:28 PM  | View count: 409
The wedding of M'nong people (a local ethnic minority in Daknong)is one of the most important rituals in their life. The custom of wedding is supposed to go through 3 steps: intention...

Dak Nong: Restoring 17 traditional festivals

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(Cinet)- The Central Highlands province of Dak Nong has restored 17 traditional festivals over the past 15 years of implementing Central Resolution 5 on building and developing an advanced...

Central Highlands preserves cultural heritages

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In recent years, provinces in the Central Highlands have implemented numerous effective measures to preserve and promote their intangible cultural heritages,...

Project on “Preserving and promoting festivals, patterns, gongs and musical instruments of local ethnic”: contribute to enrich spiritual life of ethnic groups.

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According to Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism, after more than 4 years, the implementation of the Resolution No. 02/NQ-HDND of Provincial Council on deploying the project named “Preserving...

The gifted hands

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In the daily life of ethnic minority people in Daknong province, music has long become an integral part, as a result, setting up the uniqueness and identity of each ethnic minority (ethnic...

Ta Dung natural reserve

Ngày đăng 08/05/2017 | 09:55 AM  | View count: 303
Going along the National Highway no. 28 for about 45 km from Gia Nghia town towards the southeast of Lam Dong province, we will arrive at Ta Dung Natural Resreve belonging to Dak P'lao and Dak Som...

B4 – Interprovince IV Resistance Base

Ngày đăng 11/05/2017 | 09:03 AM  | View count: 445
The historical B4 – inter-province IV resistance base relic (1959 - 1975) in Nam Nung, is located in the territory of two communes Nam Nung (Krong No district) and Quang Son ( Dak G'long district)...

Nam Nung ecological-cultural-historical tourist site

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From Gia Nghia Town, going along national road no. 14 for about 28 kilometers towards Buon Ma Thuot, turning right to the provincial road no. 6, travelling for about 17 kilometers towards Quang...

Majestic Gia Long Waterfall

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Gia Long waterfall is located in Dak So Commune, Krong No District, at a distance of 94 kilometers from Gia Nghia Town in the direction of national road no.14 (to Buon Ma Thuot). Gia...

Dray Sap –The magnificent Smoke Waterfall

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Dray Sap Waterfall is a downstream waterfall in the system of the three waterfalls, Gia Long - Dray Nur – Dray Sap of Serepok River, Dak Nong Province, and located at a distance of 30 kilometers...

Dak Mil prison- The historical Relics

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Dak Mil prison - the historical relics presently belongs to the territory of hamlet 9A, Dak Lao commune, Dak Mil district, Dak Nong province. Dak Mil prison historical relics associated with Buon...

The location extends Ho Chi Minh road

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Historic relic and communication locations extend Ho Chi Minh road, the section from South Central Highlands to South-eastern region belongs to the boundary of two communes: Dak Nia (Gia Nghia...

N’Trang Guh Historical Monument

Ngày đăng 11/05/2017 | 08:31 AM  | View count: 315
N'Trang Guh memorial place - the historical monument in Choah village (Krong No district) was recognized as the national historical monument by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in...

N'Trang Long heroic relics

Ngày đăng 08/05/2017 | 10:19 AM  | View count: 234
Historical relics and the battlefields of struggle movement to resist French colonialists of the M'Nong ethnic minorities under the leadership of N'Trang Long (battlefields include: Bumera and Bu...

Dak G'lun waterfall

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Dak G'lun waterfall is loacated in hamlet 5, Quang Tam commune, Tuy Duc district, Dak Nong province. The waterfall is about 60km from Gia Nghia town and over 40km from Bu P'rang.

Lieng Nung waterfall

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From Gia Nghia Town, going along the National Highway no. 28 for about 12 kilometers towards Lam Dong province. We will see Lieng Nung waterfall whose upstream originates from a small tributary...

The community makes joint effort to preserve national cultural herritages

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Along with care from the Party, State, authorities of all levels, awareness and responsibility of the resident community in the province in preserving national traditional cultural feature have...

Spring Festival of Lieng Nung

Ngày đăng 12/02/2017 | 03:11 PM  | View count: 242
From 11-12 February, 2017, The Provincial People’s Committee held the Spring festival of 2017 named as Lieng Nung at the trade village and entertaining park of Lieng Nung in Dak Nia commune, Gia...

The beauty of traditional culture: Trong Cai of M’nong ethnic minority

Ngày đăng 10/03/2017 | 11:16 PM  | View count: 237
Choes (big-bellied jar), gongs, and drums… are familiar objects of M’nong people, of which, Trong Cai (a large drum) is considered as a sacred object that bring peace and health for its owner.

The beauty of traditional costumes of ethnic minorities in the Spring festival of Lieng Nung 2017

Ngày đăng 14/02/2017 | 03:38 PM  | View count: 610
Dak Nong is the long-standing home for such ethnic minorities as M’Nong, Ma, E de. It’s also the place of cross cultures and preserves an abundant of rich and diversified cultural values of more...