Spring Festival of Lieng Nung
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From 11-12 February, 2017, The Provincial People’s Committee held the Spring festival of 2017 named as Lieng Nung at the trade village and entertaining park of Lieng Nung in Dak Nia commune, Gia Nghia town, Daknong province. The festival entitled “quintessence to converge” had attracted over 500 artists and Youth Union members to take part in its diversifed activities.

The street performance


The festival was held with a lot of special art performances which had been very painstaking to prepare, very attractive and imbued with the identity of the local ethnic communities.


Gongs performance in the greeting friends ritual


A number of traditional ceremonies of the local ethnic communities had been revived in the festival. All the rituals of the ceremonies had been organized in compliance with traditional practices of local ethnic groups.


Jun Yong ceremony


The ceremony to pray for health for the member of the ethnic communities.


The Village Patriarch gave blessing hope for the children at the ceremony praying for Health


In addition to reviving a number of  traditional ceremonies, the festival also has abundant of interesting and diversed activities, games, and competitions for people to take part, enjoy and have a great time, for example:  street festival, tug of war, bag jumping, stilt walking, rice cooking and food making competition, brocade weaving competition, birds singing, stick pushing, bag jumping, traditional wrestling, beautiful photos about Lieng Nung spring festival competition, chess competition…



People pounding rice in the Rice pounding and cooking competition



Making food competition


Brocade weaving


The brocade displayed at a stall in the festival area


Making the bamboo bag competition


At the areas where the activities, games and competitions took place, there were always a lot of people gathering and standing around to watch and cheer for the participants. 


Traditional wrestling competition


Bag jumping


Stick pushing game


Chess playing competition


Birds singing competition


As usual, the Young union camping is an indispensible activity of the Spring festival. This year, the activities attracted the participation of 13 units from 8 districts and town in the province.


A corner of the camping area at daytime.


Coming to this festival as well as other festivals of the province, tourist might have the chance to find out and bring about many of the local specialities such as: fruit of all types (mango, guava, tangerine, star apple, passion fruit; jack fruit, durian...); organic vegetable; sweet potato; black pepper; coffee, brocade...

Even at the nighttime, the atmosphere at the festival area was still very busy, lively with a lot of activities.


K'mang, the Village Patriarch of the host village in Dak Nia commune, Gia Nghia town was holding the ritual of worshiping the God of Fire.


Traditional art performance of ethnic communities


Fashion show about brocade



People hand in hand was dancing and singing around the fire.


At night, the vivid light at the camping area really made a great scene for the festival


The festival had been closed on 12 February. According to the assesment of the Organization committee, Lieng Nung Spring festival 2017 had been successfully held, creating an cheerful, exciting atmostphere for all peope taking part in the festival as well as local people and the tourists to meet, exchange culture, and get united.  

At the closing of the festival, the organizer committee gave 110 prizes for best members and teams taking part in all the activities and competitions held at the festival.    


Mr Ton Thi Ngoc Hanh, the Vice Chairwomen of the Provincial People Committee Leader gave prize and certification for people winning the brocade weaving competition.