The beauty of traditional costumes of ethnic minorities in the Spring festival of Lieng Nung 2017
Ngày đăng 14/02/2017 | 15:38  | View count: 663

Dak Nong is the long-standing home for such ethnic minorities as M’Nong, Ma, E de. It’s also the place of cross cultures and preserves an abundant of rich and diversified cultural values of more than 40 ethnic groups living together like brothers.

In the Spring festival of Lieng Nung 2017, brocades and traditional costumes together was one of the unique and special cultural values to be introduced and shown up. The part of showing up traditional costumes of ethnic minorities by the delegations and localities had contributed to the claim of such values and the preservation of traditional beauty of ethnic minorities in the province, making people, especially tourists know more about the land and people here.    



Being self-confident in showing  traditional costume of M'nong people


Traditional costume of M'nong people in Dak R'lap district


The clothing made from traditional woven fabrics with the most popular patterns and colors of M'nong people in Daknong province.  


Traditional costume of Ma people


Traditional costume of Ede people in Cu Jut district


Traditional costumes of ethnic minorities made up a vivid and colourful picture.


Gather skirt with the mix of different colors is one of the outstanding emphasis on the costume  of M'nong people.


The women costumes of people of Ma, M'nong, Mong Nung, Ede (respectively from left to right)


Girl looking graceful in the costume of Mong people


Getting bright and colorful in the traditional costume.  


The costumes of Mong people are diversified in designs and colors depending on which branch of the Mong group they belong to such as Mong Hoa, Green Mong, Black Mong or White Mong…


M'nong boys and girls seemed to be a little shy and embarrased  in their first time of performing on the stage.


The women costumes of M'nong people also has the different and diversified patterns and colors according to different localities of the province.


The uniqueness from traditional costumes of ethnic minorities


Boys and girls showing traditional costumes  in front of the flickering flame in the night of Spring festival