Lava caves of Chu Bluk in Dak Nong, one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.
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According to the surveys of tourists conducted by the largest tourist agencies in Vietnam, the complex of lava caves of Chu Bluk in Buon Choa commune, Krong No district, Dak Nong province was voted one of the 13 most attractive tourist destinations in the Central Highlands of VietNam.

The complex of lava caves of Chu Bluk, which is the longest in Southeast Asia, remains its primary look owing to having not yet been touched by the human's impact. It consists of more than 100 caves of different sizes, each owning a marvellous landscape caused by the lava having erupted in the upside down direction thousands of years ago.

Especially, a lot of subcaves going in different directions can be found inside such caves. Recently, ones have found inside the cave a great number of archaeological relics between the time of the Later Old Stone Age (6000 years ago), to the Later New Stone age and Early Metal Age  (4000 – 3000 years ago). Those are the proofs revealing the fact that the prehistoric people residing in this area were the first to create such tangible cultural heritages mentioned above.

Apart from the caves of Chu Bluk in Dak Nong, the other 12 tourist destinations having been voted include: Nha Rong of Kon Klor (Nha Rong is a community house of some ethnic minority groups in Vietnam) , the Cathedral,  along with ecological tourist site of Mang Den in Kon Tum province; the Flower village in Nhon Hoa, Gia Lai province; the  Dray Nur waterfall,the  lake of Lak in Buon Jun, the National garden of Yok Don, the ecological tourist site of  M'Drak in Dak Lak province; the Flower garden, the Datanla waterfall, the Railway station and the Love valley in Da Lat city, Lam Dong province.

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