Lieng Nung waterfall
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From Gia Nghia Town, going along the National Highway no. 28 for about 12 kilometers towards Lam Dong province. We will see Lieng Nung waterfall whose upstream originates from a small tributary river of Dong Nai river system, Lieng Nung is one of the wonderful natural landscapes and attractions of Dak Nong province.

Lieng Nung is the gorgeous primeval forest tourist site in Dak Nong. Beside the largest waterfall falling from the height of 30 meters into the abyss and creating dazzlingly white water column. Lieng Nung waterfall also has many small waterfalls flowing down the streams and creating dazzlingly white foam all year round. Going along the trail to the top of the waterfall, tourists will be able to admire the majestic mountain and forests landscapes, listen to melodious birdsongs and the roar of the waterfalls that are gushing into the abyss.

At the foot of the waterfall is a vast space of water, the stones emerged from the surface of water creating hundreds of streams flowing from many different directions. Coming to Lieng Nung, tourists can take a rest, relax in the shadows of the ancient trees with lush foliage.

Around the foot of the waterfall, there are the villages of the ethnic groups such as M'Nong and Ma people still storing many traditional cultural features deeply imbued with the cultural identities of the indigenous ethnic group, this place usually takes place gongs festivals and dancing - singing performances. It is also a place where the elders often tell the ancient tales of M'Nong people about the origin of Lieng Nung waterfall.

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