Majestic Gia Long Waterfall
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Gia Long waterfall is located in Dak So Commune, Krong No District, at a distance of 94 kilometers from Gia Nghia Town in the direction of national road no.14 (to Buon Ma Thuot).

Gia Long waterfall. Photo from Internet

Gia Long Waterfall is an upstream waterfall in the system of the three waterfalls Dray Sap - Gia Long – Trinh Nu of Serepok River flowing through Dak Nong Province. The waterfall is called Gia Long because Gia Long King used to go there for relaxing and sightseeing in the pastin the past. He ordered the people to saw the mountain and deforest to make a very nice path to the waterfall. He also tended to build a hanging bridge over the waterfall, but the work was discontinued for unknown reasons after two holes had just been dug. The relics of the bridge have remained up to now.

 The waterfall has a height of about 40 meters, a length of 40 meters, a width of about 30 meters and a slope of 900. Besides the waterfall, there is an 80-meter-wide lake and a very beautiful natural cave. After a long journey to discover the specially-used forest and the scenery of the waterfall, tourists will be able to swim in the limpid and cool water of the lake to enjoy the distinctive features of the mountains and forests in the Central Highlands.

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