Nam Nung ecological-cultural-historical tourist site
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From Gia Nghia Town, going along national road no. 14 for about 28 kilometers towards Buon Ma Thuot, turning right to the provincial road no. 6, travelling for about 17 kilometers towards Quang Son Commune, Dak Glong District or Ea T'ling Town in Cu Jut District, and then following the provincial road no.4 for about 20 kilometers through Dak Mam Town to Nam Nung Commune, tourists will reach Nam Nung Natural Reserve at an altitude of 800 meters.


As a part of Nam Nung Natural Reserve, Nam Nung ecological-cultural-historical tourist site belongs to the administrative boundary of five communes, namely Nam Nung, Nam N'Dia, Duc Xuyen (Krong No District), Quang Son (Dak Glong District) and Nam N'Jang (Dak Song District). With an area of about 12,300 hectares, this is a very potential tourist site regarding both natural resources and cultural values.

With the primitive, tranquil and poetic landscape, this place will be an ideal destination for tourists who want to be back to the nature. This is also an ideal tourist site with unique architectural works imbued with the distinctive cultural features of the land and people in the Central Highlands. Reaching the top of Nam Nung Mountain – the highest mountain at the altitude of 1,500 meters, tourists will contemplate the imposing M'nong Plateau. Nam Mung Mountain will be an ideal destination for those who like discovery and adventure.


The tourist site is also associated with the magnanimous and heroic struggling tradition of M'nong people. It is also the station of N'Trang Long's insurgent army in the struggle against the invaders. This is also the revolutionary base of the army and the people in the former Quang Duc Province and the Resistance historical relic - B4 – Interprovincial IV Resistance Base was recognized as a national historical monument by the Ministry Of Culture And Information (now Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism) in 2005.

As planned, Nam Nung ecological-cultural-historical tourist site has an area of 142.24 hectares, including four functional subareas: cultural area, entertainment area, Nam Nung ecological area, and pilgrimage and festival area. In the future, a complex of works serving tourists such as restaurants, country-seats, lakes, and flower gardens will be constructed on the top of Nam Nung Mountain, while a complex of resorts and convalescence areas will be built on the mountain side. The entertainment area is surrounded by a graceful river, so tourists can lie down the buoy and drift downstream on the river with a length of 300 meters, running under the shadow of trees.

The objective of the project is to form a typical tourist site, providing distinctive tourism products, exploiting comparative advantages, fostering and protecting natural and cultural resources, protecting the ecological environment, and meeting the needs of sightseeing, discovering waterfalls, studying biodiversity, cultural and history combined with religious tourism with the Buddhism.


To date, the lane between Zen monastery and Luu Ly Waterfall has been completed. The project of religious tourist site, some works of Truc Lam Dao Nguyen Zen Monastery such as the Central Chamber and surrounding areas have been nearly finished, while the construction of Luu Ly waterfall ecological tourist site is projected to be started by the end of 2011. To create diverse and synchronous tourism products, the province is adjusting and supplementing Len Gun waterfall ecological tourist site, Bear waterfall tourist site, Ngam waterfall tourist site and completing the revolutionary historical relic - B4 – Interprovincial IV Resistance Base.

Nam Nung ecological-cultural-historical tourist site is a spotlight of the tours on important road lines such as Ho Chi Minh City – Gia Nghia – Buon Ma Thuot City, Gia Nghia – Da Lat – Binh Thuan, "Central Highlands Green" tourist line and "Ho Chi Minh legendary trail". This place is very suitable for organizing natural discovery and convalescent tours where tourists can enjoy the fresh air, witness the immense green of forests and mountains in the Central Highlands, see the streams and waterfalls with limpid and cool water to enjoy the tranquil moment in life.

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