Dak Nong sets up and develops 3 tourism routes within its Geopark
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The Management Board of Dak Nong Geopark reveals that the province has now developed 3 tourism routes inside its Geopark, thanks to the consultancy and support from UNESCO professionals. Each of 3 routes with distinguishable experiences promises to offer domestic and international tourists extremely special experiences.

In 2019, the  professionals of UNESCO will officially evaluate the Dak Nong's dossier asking for recognition of Dak Nong geopark as Global Geopark of UNESCO. Therefore, besides great importance attached to investment on infrastructure, training workforce to work on tourism, the province is in need of local comunity's support.

Lieng Nung in N'Jrieng village, Dak Nia commune, Gia Nghia town

+ The No.1 route named as Rhapsody of fire and water.

This toursim route has the start point in Gia Nghia, running through Quang Son (Dak Glong district) and ends in Krong No with 14 tourist points, including: The information center of the Geopark - the organic goat farm Duy Hung - Plating and weaving trade village of M'nong ethnic people - Kaoline mine - aluminum mine - Nam Nung revolutionary base - strolling route in forest - Nam Kar volcano -  lava field landscape of paddy field around the foot of volcano -  Information center Dray Sap - Daray Sap waterfall - Lava caves - Gia Long waterfall.


The landscape of Buon Choah volcano in Buon Choa commune, Krong No district


+ The No. 2 Route named as Wind of change concerto

The route has start point at Serepok bridge in Cu Jut district and ends in Gia Nghia town with 16 tourism points, including: Ea T'ling volcano - Trinh Nu waterfall - Serepok bridge - village of Ede ethnic people - Dak Mil mango garden - Eruptive points - rubber plantation  - the touch point with lava and gritstone - victory hill 772 Dak Sak - Dak Mil prison - West lake  (HoTay) in Dak Mil - Thuan An volcano -  Historic relic of Truong Son road and the communication point on North - South road - organic agri farm Thu Thuy - Truong Xuan sapphire mine.


The C6 lava cave in Krong No district

+ The No. 3 Route named as Sounds of the Earth.

The route has start point in Gia Nghia and ends in Ta Dung National  Reserve (Dak Glong) with 15 tourism sites, including: Site for displaying coffee categories - Dak Nong cultural museum - Phap Hoa pagoda - Petrified wood point - house for lithophone display - house for Ma ethinic people's gongs display - Lieng Nung waterfall - the mighty tree - hydroelectric power station - Ta Dung lake landscape - Landscape view from coffee shop - Stone God temple - landscape of granite waterfall - durian garden.

 The experts of UNESCO on trip of surveying tourism points and routes.


Source: http://baodaknong.org.vn