The romantic beauty of Dak G'lun waterfall
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The 58 metres high Dak G'lun waterfall located in Hamlet 5, Quang Tam commune, Tuy Duc district was wrapped by hundreds of hectar of special used forest, lending itself a diversified ecosystem.

The waterfall is surrounded by a great number of century-old trees with wide-spreading canopy. In its proximity are a some broad an flat ground which could serve as a  perfect points for visitors to stay overnight and look for the exprience of watching sunrise in the next morning... Or it might be good enough to just admire the beauty of the two water streams pouring down all year round, looking like the smooth and silky hair of the beautiful girls.

The waterfall now keeps pouring down like it never stops and has been associated with many folk tales as well as love stories of the indigenous ethnic people. It is also dubbed by local resident as the beauty among forest, which has alway mesmerized anyone once they've come here.

The waterfall has height of 58 metres

The afternoon sunshine makes up a radiant landscape of rainbow

The romance

Rocks in various shape

Water vapor makes up a ethereal picture at the foot of  the waterfall