"Check-in" destination when arriving to DakNong Province
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In this season, it can be said that Dak Nong is quite an ideal place for those, who love to explore it's natural landscape. We would like to introduce to visitors, some "check in" destination when arriving to Dak Nong province, a place of poetic but wild natural landscape.

The first destination that tourists can enjoy is Gia Nghia Tea Hill. In here, admiring the verdant beauty of the tea hill will make you forget all of daily tired stress, instead of that, it's extremely peaceful when enjoying your time on taking of Sunset photos.

Tea Hill is an ideal place for young people come to enjoy their time for good photos

The second destination is Lieng Nung waterfall. It is along on 28 highway, it's about 7kilometer from Gia Nghia City, Da Lat direction. In here, you can enjoy wild beauty of Lieng Nung Waterfall, according to local person. Lieng is waterfall, Nung is the resting place, if somebody take a path with Lieng Nung water in here will have good health. Nobody remember clearly how long the Lieng Nung waterfall is built. But with Bon Njieng People, DakNia commune, the Lieng Nung waterfall has protected them for ages. So, they cherish and consider it as their own life.

 Liêng Nung waterfall

Dak G'lun waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Dak Nong Province, located in Quang Tam commune, Tuy Duc District, just over 40 kilometer from Bu P'rang border gate and about 60 meter from Gia Nghia City. The two sides of the entrance are ancient trees with bizarre shapes. The path is steep, one side of the cave is deep, the other is an abyss. The giant stone arch turned the dark place into a cathedral echoing the waterfall. Dak G'lun waterfall is like a fanciful water-ink painting. Dakglun waterfall originates from a small stream, bumpy rocks and then falls downwards from about 50 meter. White water bubbles, the steam like drizzle raindrops, spread around making everything become fanciful, especially the green vegetation below the waterfall. In general, the waterfall is like long hair of a young girl with intact, innocent features. Dak G'lun waterfall is covered around more than 1000 hectares of forest and immense coffee. In addition, the rich and diverse ecosystems here will help visitors get a better experience of the majestic Central Highlands – Dak Nong.

The majesty of Dakglun Waterfall

In the days of July (Lunar Calendar), the month of Vu Lan Ceremony, along with the quiet space of Phap Hoa pagoda, located in the center of Gia Nghia city or Truc Lam Dao Nguyen Monastery… is about 40kilometer from Gia Nghia city, Buon Ma Thuot Direction. It is nestled inside the old forest, leaning against the majestic Nam Nung mountain with nearly 1600meter height. In here, the weather is fresh, peaceful and suitable for people, who want to live slowly, contemplate life…   

The main gate of Truc Lam Dao Nguyen Monastery

Coming to Dak Nong, it is about charming scenery cool climate, friendly and hospitable people. From natural landscapes such as Ta Dung Nature Reserve, Draysap Waterfall, DakGlun, Lieng Nung, Volcanic Cave System to historic sites such as: Dakmil Prison, B4 base area – interprovincial 4 or after hearing about the national hero N'trang Long, we will think of a land in the Central Highlands – Dak Nong is a colorful "picture" that anyone who comes to even just once is very want to learn, explore.

Translation by Đ.H (Daknong.gov.vn)