"Check-in" destination when arriving to DakNong Province

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In this season, it can be said that Dak Nong is quite an ideal place for those, who love to explore it's natural landscape. We would like to introduce to visitors, some "check in" destination...

The most stunning volcanoes in Dak Nong UNESCO Global geopark

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For thousands of years, volcanoes have been widely known for their destructive power but little does people know that it also contains the source of the universe's renewable energy. As molten...

Dak Nong sets up and develops 3 tourism routes within its Geopark

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The Management Board of Dak Nong Geopark reveals that the province has now developed 3 tourism routes inside its Geopark, thanks to the consultancy and support from UNESCO professionals. Each of...

The romantic beauty of Dak G'lun waterfall

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The 58 metres high Dak G'lun waterfall located in Hamlet 5, Quang Tam commune, Tuy Duc district was wrapped by hundreds of hectar of special used forest, lending itself a diversified ecosystem. ...

The Five-storey Fall

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Five-storey Fall (also known as Dak Sin Fall) is located in Dak Sin commune (Dak R’lap district) and shares the border with Hung Binh commune (Dak R’lap district).

Lava caves of Chu Bluk in Dak Nong, one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

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According to the surveys of tourists conducted by the largest tourist agencies in Vietnam, the complex of lava caves of Chu Bluk in Buon Choa commune, Krong No district, Dak Nong province was...

Volcanic Geopark of Krong No (Dak Nong)

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Covering an area of 2,000 square kilometres, the Volcanic Geopark of Krong No streches from Krong No district to a number of neighbouring communes belonging to the districts of Chu Jut, Dak Mil,...

Ta Dung natural reserve

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Going along the National Highway no. 28 for about 45 km from Gia Nghia town towards the southeast of Lam Dong province, we will arrive at Ta Dung Natural Resreve belonging to Dak P'lao and Dak Som...

B4 – Interprovince IV Resistance Base

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The historical B4 – inter-province IV resistance base relic (1959 - 1975) in Nam Nung, is located in the territory of two communes Nam Nung (Krong No district) and Quang Son ( Dak G'long district)...

Nam Nung ecological-cultural-historical tourist site

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From Gia Nghia Town, going along national road no. 14 for about 28 kilometers towards Buon Ma Thuot, turning right to the provincial road no. 6, travelling for about 17 kilometers towards Quang...