Ceremony to launch Summer activities of Dak Nong in 2018
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On 4 June 2018, Dak Nong Provincial Steering Committee (Steering Committee) on Summer activities and Youth volunteer campaign held a ceremony to launch the activities for the Summer of 2018. In attendance at the ceremony were Provinical People's Committee Vice Chairman, Head of the steering committee Cao Huy; Heads of the Commission for Public relation and Commission for propaganda and training; Representatives of Departments, agencies and hundreds of youths and children in Gia Nghia town.

The piece of artwork performed by the children of the Centre for Youth and Children activities to celebrate the event. 

According to the Plan issued by the Steering Committee, activities for Summer of 2018 of Dak Nong province will take place between 1 June and 31 August, which include such activities as: Accepting children to join summer activities at localities, then handing them over  to the school after the summer vacation; mobilizing the youths and other unions, association to take responsibility for taking care of children, organizing entertaining and educational, art and physical activities for the children of the province; guiding the children to join and carry out the movement of "Dak Nong chilren follow and do 5 things taught by President Ho Chi Minh" and getting them involved in educational activities aimed to evoke children's emotion for the revolutionary tradition, the patriotism, the national pride, the spirit of unity, sharing; mobilizing social forces for the building of entertaining places for children right in the communes, wards, towns of the province; organizing activities, campaign whose objectives are to inspire children's passion and love for reading, creating literature and art works...

The overview of the ceremony 


This year, the Steering Committee implements the Plan for Summer activities with the objectives being to promote the care for children, and encourage levels of authority and agencies to organize joyful, safe and sound educational and entertaining activities for children, ensuring that the children in the province have a healthy, positive environment for their comprehensive development of all aspects. By joining those activities, children might have the chances to get involved in comunication, study and exchange of their perspective, ideas. This is intended to encourage children to promote their potential, strength and confidence; keep them from violent actions,  online video games and other social evils.

Vice Chairman of the Provinical People's Committee, Head of the Steering committee for the Summer activity and Youth volunteer campaign Cao Huy  delivers speech at the ceremony


Making statement on this occasion, Vice Chairman of the Provinical People's Committee Cao Huy insisted that taking care and educating children are of the responsibility and obligation of the Party, State, levels of authorities and the whole society as well; in which, organizing healthy and entertaining activities for children in summer vacation is a very important and necessary task. To successfully carry out such obligation, apart from organizing approriate activities for children, levels of authorities, agencies and the community have to intensify the popularization of and raise up all social classes of people's  awareness  of their responsibility for of protecting, caring and educating children; pay attention to organizing training courses on safety, prevention from accidents, injures and drowning relating to children, among which, skill for first aid must be made the focus; discover, prevent and involve in handling the cases of children being maltreated, abused, guaranteeing that children in the province have a happy, safe and sound summer.

The ceremony attracts alot of local  youths and chilren.



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