Press conference on the 1st cultural festival on Vietnamese brocade and the conference on investment promotion in 2018 to be held in Dak Nong.
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On 27 November 2018, Dak Nong Provincial People's Committee held press conference to announce information on the 1st cultural festival on Vietnamese brocade and the conference on investment promotion soon, held in Dak Nong at the year end

Showcase of brocade applied fashion at the Press Conference


Accordingly, the festival is scheduled to take place from 28 to 30 December 2018 at the Floating island of the Central lake in Gia Nghia town of Dak Nong province. The festival features the following events: The cultural space for brocace and culinary; openimh ceremony of the festival; workshop on Vietnamese Brocade culture; festival on the street; showcase of brocade applied fashions; closing ceremony of the festival.

The festival is one of the events held to celebrate the 15 aniversary of the province's establishment. Besides, it aims to preserve and promote the patterns as well as traditional costumes of the ethnic minorities all over the country as a whole and of Dak Nong in particular.

By organizing the festival, the province also aims to introduce and showcase its potential and advantages for the development of tourism as well as cultural herritage value of its ethnic groups as parts of innovation, intergration and development tasks.

Another event also announced at the Press conference is the Conference on investment peromotion of Dak Nong in 2018, scheduled to be hold in the afernoon of 28 December 2018. This is also an event inside the framework of the festival.

The agenda of the Conference includes Presentations delivered by big economic organizations on the objective, diriection and stratergy for cooperation and stratergy for calling investment; the handing down of investment certificates to enterprises, signing of MOU on investment cooperation, signing of MOU on capital sponsor...



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