Provincial People’s Committee’s regular meeting in July: Focus must be put on resolving thoroughly the limitations and urgent matters
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On 26 July, Dak Nong provincial People’s Committee held an internet meeting with districts to asses the performance of the tasks set up in July and this year’s first 7 months; set up tasks for the remain of 2018

The meeting was co-chaired by Mr Nguyen Bon, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Communist Party Committee, Chairman of the Provinical People's Committee, along with the Vice Chairs of the Provincial  People's Committee.

Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Communist Party Committee, Chairman of the Provinical People's Committee Nguyen Bon makes statement  at the meeting.

As reported by the Provincial People's Committee, in July and during the first 7 months of this year, the situation of macroscopic economy was basically favorable. However, the large amount of rain had exerted influence on the production as well as businesses, especially in the fields of  agricultural production, mining and basic construction.

However, under the drastic direction of the Provincial Communist Party Committee and the administration of the Provoncial People's Committee as well as the efforts of agencies and people, the economic indice of the province in July showed positive signs while social welfare was ensured.

The accumulated short-term crop production in 2018 reached 62,804 ha, accounting for 90% of the plan. The damage caused by disease and pest were kept under control at a very low rate. Livestock and poultry husbandry remained stable with steady increase seen in number of heads compared with the same period of 2017.

The index of industrial production (IIP) in July was estimated to be up 12.4% against June and up 0.3% over previous year's same period. The accumulated IIP till July was up 7.4% against the same period of 2017.

Head of Planning and Investment department Luu Van Trung addresses to the peditions of districts, town relating to investment issues.


The total revenue from retail sale of goods and services in July was estimated at VND 1,072 billion. The accumulated revenue from services of the year's first 7 months was estimated at VND7,689 billion, up 9% against previous year's same period.

Export turnover in July was expected to reach USD103 million, and the accumulated figure expected to reach USD611 million, up 40% compared with previous year's same period. The accumulated import turnover of the year's 7 first months  reached USD83.5 million, up 49% compared with previous year's same period. Total State budget collected in July was estimated at VND175 billion and the accumulated figure of the year's 7 first months was VND1,409 billion, accounting for 77% of the estimate assigned by local authority. Accumulated local budget spending of the 7 months was estimated at VND3.030 billion, accounting for 47% of the estimated assigned by local authority... 

Leader of Provincial  Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union reports on the situation of exporting young labour in the province

In July, the Provincial People's Committee successfully organize the event series belonging to the Program of  "Dak Nong  - the avocado harvest season" in 2018, making a good start for the sustainable development of avocado and for the coming significant events belonging to the event series aimed for the celebration of 15 years of the province's establishment.

Leader of State Bank reports to the Provincial People's Committee on the situation of loan for businesses and local people

At the meeting, the leaders of Provincial 's People's Committee also heard out  specialized agencies reporting on the issues such as: Evaluating the effect of the business coffee model; exporting young labour; credit and the result of growing forest in 2018; building the E-government. Leaders of department, agencies also addressed to the peditions from districts and town relating to the shortage of teachers, the issues of land, land acquisition, jobs and labour etc.