Provincial People's Committee held the August regular meeting
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* Taking promt action to surmount weaknesses and limitation, striving for reaching over 80% of year plan’s targets by the end of September.

On 23 Agust 2018, Dak Nong Provincial People's Committee held online meeting with districts to assess the performance on socio-economic and national defense tasks in August, setting up tasks for September 2018. Provincial Communist Party Committee Deputy Secretary, Provincial People's Committee Chairman Nguyen Bon chaired the conference at the conference site of Provincial People's Committee.

Provincial Communist Party Committee Deputy Secretary, Provincial People's Committee Chairman Nguyen Bon delivers his directions at the meeting.


As evaluated by the Provincial People's Committee, in August, the whole province had had a large amount of rain, causing adverse effect on the production and business activities, especially agricultural production, mining and basic construction

However, under the leadership of the Provincial Communist Party Commitee as well as the drastic and timely direction of the Provincial People's Committee,  along with the ceaseless efforts of levels of authorities, agencies and department and the people, many of the core economic fields still held its good growth impetus while social welfare was ensured and the public security as well as national defense was kept stable.

Delegates attending the meeting at the site of Provincial People's Committee


The total area cultivated for Summer-Fall crop of 2018 was 72,333 ha (over the plan of 69,763 ha), accounting for 104% of plan and 107% of the previous year same period. Livestock and poultry husbandry were stable and saw increase in the number of heads compared to the same period of 2017. Index of  industrial production (IIP) in 2018 was estimated to decline 0.67% compared to last month and go up 13.08 in relation to previous year same period. The accumulated IIP of the 8 months of this year was estimated to be up 9.89% against the same period of 2017.

Director of Planning and Investment Department Luu Van Trung reports on result of the administration and management by the Provincial People's Committee Members  and the deliver of  socio-economic performance indicator in August

The commodity market had got more hectic, which had seen an increase in buying power in relation to the previous month due to the increased buying demand for new school year. The total retail sale and service revenue in August was estimated at VND1,090 billion, making the 8-month accumulated number of VND8,782 billion, up 9% compared to  previous year same period, accounting for 60% of the plan. Total State budget collection of the province in August  was estimated at VND126 billion, making the accumulated number of VND1,556 billion, accounting for 78% of the estimate asigned by the local authority. Local budget spending was VND452 billion, making the accumulated number of VND3,373 billion, accounting for 52% of the estimate assigned by local authority.

Director of Natural Resource and Environment Department Dam Quang Trung reports on the difficulties in developing the plan for the use of land for State-run corporations having theirs name on the list of being rearranged and renovated.

In addition to such results, at this meeting, functional departments and agencies also focus on addressing, analyzing, discussing to work out the cause and solution for such issues as: investment capital disbursement, forest growing, developing plan for the use of land, divesment of equity capital of the companies

Although the Provincial People's Committee had given direction on a regular basis, the disbursement progress of capital sources in 2018 remained low, just accounting for 32.7% of the year plan, down 17% compared to previous year same period. The area of forest planted was 988.9 ha, accoungting for just 53.9% of plan.

Head of Agriculture and Rural Development Department reports on the progress of forest growing.


Noticeably, after being lagged behind the Government's plan for twice, the rearrangement and innovation of enterprises having State capital has been  performed at a very slow pace along with various difficulties and obstacles not receiving adequate care and consideration from levels of authorities and agencies.

Concluding the meething, Chairman Nguyen Bon praised the collective efforts by levels of authorities, agencies and local people to overcome difficulties and basically complete major targets. However, he underlined that there were still alot of weakness in the management, administration and realization of tasks which required the cadres and public servants to remedy in the time to come. Levels of authorities and agencies have to show the good will and make efforts to support and assist enterprises and the civil people without avoiding and laying the blame on each other in case of difficulties and handling administrative procedure for enterprises. Besides, September is also the month with many major tasks needed to be completed, with 80% of all socio-economic indicators being reached to pave the way for the completion  of the whole plan for 2018 and the 5-year period 2016 - 2020.

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