Positive performance on the realization of socio-economic development, national security and defense tasks over the first 9 months of 2018
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On 20 September 2018, Dak Nong Dak Nong Provincial People's Committee held regular meeting to assess the performance on socio-economic development, national security and defense task of the first 9 months and set up tasks for the last 3 months of 2018. Mr Nguyen Bon – Provincial Communist Party  Committee Deputy Secretary, Provincial People's Committee Chairman, along with Mr Tran Xuan Hai – Provincial People's Committee Permanent Vice Chairman and Mrs Ton Thi Ngoc Hanh – Provincial People's Committee Vice Chairwoman co-chaired the meeting. Leaders of Departments, agencies and the Provincial People's Committee of Gia Nghia town and districts were in attendance.

Chairman of Dak Nong Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Bon delivers statement at the regular meeting of September


As reported, in the first 9 months of 2018, under the close direction of the Central Government, the comprehensive  leadership of the Provincial Communist Party Committee, the scutiny of Provincial People's Council, the tight coordination of the Provincial Vietnamese Fatherland Front  and the unions, the politic and social organizations of the province; Dak Nong Provincial People's Committee continued to give direction and effectively administer the implementation of Plan for socio-economic development, national security and defense guarantee  in 2018. The socio-economic  situation of the province in the last 9 months were stable with positive development; socio-economic targets were fulfilled at satisfactory level, economic indicators highly increased.

So far, 1 out of 16 socio-economic development targets has been fulfilled, accounting for 6.25% of the plan; 9 out of 16 targets have been realized at a good progress rate, accounting for 56.25%, estimated to reach or surpass the plan; 4 out of 16 targets needs to be assessed at the end of year, accounting for 25% of the plan; 2 out of 16 targets  have been realized at low progress rate, including the target on forest protection, forest growing and forest cover and the target on new rural construction.

The province's economy maintained its stable growth rate at good level. The Gross regional domestic product (according to the price of 2010) over the 9 months were estimated at VND10,386 billion, accounting for 62% of the year plan, reaching the growth rate  of 7.41% as compared to the 7.15% according to the year plan (the growth rate in the same period of 2016 was 6.41% and of 2017 was 8.8%). Specially, the growth rate of agriculture sector increased by 6.1%, industry and construction increased by 9.05% (industry alone increased by 10.85%); service sector was up by 7.37%, tax sector was up by 8.62%. The index of industry production  (IIP) in of the nine months was up by 12.5% year on year.

The majority of major industry products have seen increase in output, creating the favorable condition for the realization of the year plan. The alumina plant of the province has come into stable operation with the output of 472 tonnes of alumina, up 30.4%, attaining the export value of $232 million; the electricity to serve production was estimated at 1,115 million Kwh, up 20.3%. The total turnover of  retail sale and service were VND9,981 billion, up 10.18% year on year, accounting for 68% of the paln. The prices of goods were stable. Average Consumer Price index in September was up 3% compared to same period of previous year. Export turnover was $845.5 million, up 15.4%, accounting for 84.5% of year plan.  Import turnover was $2018 million, up 39.2% against same period of previous year, surpassing 60% as compared to the year plan. 

The total social investment of the 9 months was estimated at VND9,445 billion, accounting for 62% of the plan. The total planned investment for development in 2018 is VND2,305 billion, of which, disbursement amount of the 9 months was estimated at VND835, accounting for 36%, down 28% against previous year's same period. State budget collection was estimated at VND1,784 billion, accounting for 97% of the estimated assigned by the Central Government, 89% assigned by the Provincial People's Council, up 26% compared to previous year's same period. Local budget spending was VND3, 470 billion, accoungting for 61% of the estimated, up 12% year-on-year.

Over the 9 months, the accumulated total production of food reached 338,652 tonnes, cultivated area reached 89,366 ha, accounting for 75.72% of year plan. Total livestock and poultry herd was up compared to previous year's same period. Total produciton of aquatic product was 4,558 tonnes, accountingfor 94% of year plan.

the improvement of investment  environment and support for businesses has increasingly enhanced, with number of newly -found enterprises  highly increased compared to previous year's same period. In the first 9 months of 2018, the province had granted new investment approval certificate for 13 investment projects ( of which there were 1 FDI project and 3 projects conducted within the industrial zone of the province), with total investment  of VND1,472 billion. In total, the number of newly-found enterprise of the 9 months was 350, up 15.1% year-on-year,  with registered capital of about VND1,924 billion, up 30% year-on-year. During the same time, the province had cut down on 32 administrative procedures relating to enterprise registration. The province's procedures for enterprise registration have now reached the level 4 standards.