The ritual of venerating the God of Water by the minorities in the Central Highlands of Vietnam
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The ritual of worshiping the God of water is very popular among the minority groups in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

As a custom each year, after the crops have been harvested, people in the villages prepare the offerings including Ruou can (rice wine drunk from a jar through stalks), pork, chicken, etc. to hold the rite to express thanks to the God of water for having given them clean water source to serve their daily life, and show their gratitude to the God for having blest them with health. At the same time, people make their wishes for the God to continue granting them favorable weather, good health and luck. At the offering rite, the Chair of the ceremony (normally the village patriarch) pronounces the praying words and holds the traditional protocols.

The ceremony Chair prepare offerings


The Chair presides the ceremony, pronouncing praying word and expressing wish for favorable weather and health for villagers


Villagers dances and sings to  the sound of Gongs


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