The Wedding custom of M’nong people
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The wedding of M'nong people (a local ethnic minority in Daknong)is one of the most important rituals in their life. The custom of wedding is supposed to go through 3 steps: intention expressing, marriage proposing and tieing the knot.

When a man found his suitable woman, he would tell his parent and ask for their opinion. If the parents approve of his choice, they will have a matchmaker bring the offerings over to the woman's house to express the intention.

The offerings consist of a chicken, a knife and a pickle bamboo shoot. On aproval of the woman's family, the matchmaker then, on behalf of the man's parents or family,discuss with the woman's parents (or family) about the marriage proposing ritual.

On the date agreed upon by both sides, the man's family would ask an prestigious old man along with some young and strong males in the village to bring offerings over to the woman's family. The offerings then include a pig, a jar of "Ruou can" (the wine that is drinked out of a jar through pipes), a chicken, a knife, a harpoon. An able man would be appointed by the woman's family to take the offerings and put them on mat in the middle of the house to worship and ask for Yang's approval of the marriage proposal. After that, the both sides (woman and man's family) decide on the date for the wedding.

On the date of wedding, the offerings that the man's family brings to the woman's family would include a little pig, 3 jars of Ruou can, a set of Gong, a live chicken, a bowl of rice, two candles, a knife, a harpoon, and a comb made from buffalo's horn. Following is the set of photos featuring the wedding ceremony which had been set up in the Festival of Buon Ma Thuot coffee and Gongs Culture of the Highlands Center in 2017 held in Buon Ma Thuot city (Dak Lak province).


The matchmaker (woman) brings a bowl of rice over to the woman's family to deliver marriage proposal.


The offerings given by the man's family on the wedding date.


Pig is the necessary sacrifice animal of the wedding ritual.


Agricultural and farm products are included in the offerings. 


Before the worshiping of Yang, the bride and groom invite the relatives to have some food and water, wishing them blessed with health.


The bride and the groom exchange their bracelets, showing that the marriage happens on a voluntary basis.

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