The gifted hands

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For people of ethnic minority in Dak Nong province, music has been long an integral part of their life, setting up the  uniqueness and identity of each ethnic minority (ethnic group),...

The elephant in the culture of M’nong ethnic people

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To the people of M’nong ethnicity as well as other ethnicities of the Central Highlands in general, elephants are not only considered as the huge properties of each family, they also hold a...

The ritual of venerating the God of Water by the minorities in the Central Highlands of Vietnam

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The ritual of worshiping the God of water is very popular among the minority groups in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

The custom of stretching earlopes of the ethnic groups of M’nong, Ma

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Stretching earlopes to wear jewellery, especially ones made from bamboo or ivory used to be a long standing custom of the ethinic groups of M’nong and Ma. Those who practiced this custom are...

The Wedding custom of M’nong people

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The wedding of M'nong people (a local ethnic minority in Daknong)is one of the most important rituals in their life. The custom of wedding is supposed to go through 3 steps: intention expressing,...

Dak Nong: Restoring 17 traditional festivals

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(Cinet)- The Central Highlands province of Dak Nong has restored 17 traditional festivals over the past 15 years of implementing Central Resolution 5 on building and developing an advanced...

Central Highlands preserves cultural heritages

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In recent years, provinces in the Central Highlands have implemented numerous effective measures to preserve and promote their intangible cultural heritages,...

Project on “Preserving and promoting festivals, patterns, gongs and musical instruments of local ethnic”: contribute to enrich spiritual life of ethnic groups.

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According to Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism, after more than 4 years, the implementation of the Resolution No. 02/NQ-HDND of Provincial Council on deploying the project named “Preserving...